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  • Autocomplete Selections Should Confirm with User

    Version 0.95 One UX issue that I run into more often than I’d like: when you type in a text box and a list or drop down appears and you tap on it immediately, only to learn that between the milliseconds that your brain executed the tap and your fingers touched the screen a new item replaced your intended target. Sometimes this is a more benign environment where you are searching for something and after you type a few letters what you want appears, but you managed to type another letter and the results are changed due to network delay.

  • Automate Hotels

    The airline industry is largely automated, so why aren’t hotels?

  • Government Should Incentivize High Performance Home Builders

    Builders have little incentive to build energy efficient homes, so new homes waste energy over decades

  • Ask VCs for Referrals Anyway

    If an investor is not interested, ask if they know someone who may be

  • Phone is Still the Best Way to Order Pizza

    Apps create more friction for ordering pizza

  • New Blogging Paradigm: Drafts

    Going Forward Will Publish Drafts and Update with Versions

  • Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto?

    Everyone keeps speculating but almost no one touches on the truth.

  • The Curious Case of the Y Combinator Bookmarklet

    Why was I seeing bookmarklet submissions so frequently on the /new page?