Dan Bulwinkle

Blog of a cognitive scientist, computer scientist, and entrepreneur.

  • There Should Be More Mergers

    When people talk about M&A, it is usually in reference to an acquisition. Mergers should be considered more frequently.

  • "How Do You Know?"

    An important lesson from Y Combinator’s Startup School

  • How I Use Streaming Services

    The rise of Netflix naturally led to competitors in the media space wanting a piece of the action. Netflix deals started to wane and they found themselves with no choice but to commission original content. What does the future of media streaming look like?

  • You Can't Top Bitcoin

    Bitcoin has endured over a decade, and contenders are constantly being deployed. Why is it the best cryptocurrency? Here I review cash, gold, mobile, and other decentralized platforms and how they compare with Bitcoin.

  • Grocery & Meal Delivery

    Why Don’t Grocery Delivery Services Have Inventory?

  • Hyperloop May Create New Cities

    City Planning and Real Estate Markets May Become Vastly Different If Hyperloop Succeeds